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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing (SEM) Career Option

Before one selects Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known; as a career option, according to me it is really required to have knowledge about the subject and what to expect out of it.

So, what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website, in such a way that it achieves higher rankings for its targeted keywords across search engines.

Invention of Internet has lead to a great new way of communication and information sharing amongst individuals. Virtually any information that is required is available on the Internet. Over the years, the Internet has evolved from just an information sharing medium to a medium where almost everything is available with just under a few clicks. Be it information gathering, online shopping, buying services online, jobs, travel services etc. are all just a few clicks away. With lots of information already available on the Internet and much more being added every moment, without the existence of search engines it becomes virtually impossible for any individual to be able to locate the required info. Search Engines takes keywords as inputs from their users and based upon the keywords supplied they try to provide the best possible results for the users query. I like to put it in such a way, that the engines tend to read their users mind by providing the best results according to them or sometimes even tailored to the users demands. Over the years, the search engines have become a lot more sophisticated then they actually were and are continuously improving their ability to provide the best possible content to their users.

With Search Engine Optimization you can help business grow, by targeting the keywords that their prospects use to search for products or services on the search engines. As search engines have evolved so has search engine optimization as a technique, there is a lot more to SEO today than just adding keywords and descriptions. Search engine optimization is not just positioning your client's website as the first result across all the search engines, but trying to find out the clients objective and making sure that your efforts do help him achieve that objective.

So, the immediate question that arises is that, Does SEO make up a good career option? In my opinion, Yes but only for individuals who are ready to take challenges, innovate and are ready for continuous learning, so that they can keep a track of the changes made by the search engines. Presence on the search engines will be, if it is not already, an integral part of virtually every company's marketing strategy. Small and medium businesses with limited marketing budgets are particularly at an advantage with SEO, as they can directly compete with big businesses in the same space at much lower costs, which was not possible previously with other marketing mediums. The cost of acquisition of a customer with Search Engine Optimization is much lower as compared to other mediums and thus it promises better ROI to the companies. In the days to come, we assume that SEO is going to be one of the most sought after career option with great prospects. With the shortage of skilled SEO's and the demand crossing the supply the future of great SEO's looks really great. One does not need to be a hardcore programmer to learn SEO, although if you do have the concepts it can really make things easier for you.

If you like Marketing & Get Satisfaction by seeing your customers business grow, then SEO & SEM Training will make a great career for you!!

Author: Pulkit Agrawal (pulkit [at]